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Southern Log Cabins 

Southern Log Cabins has been in the construction industry for many years and has a wealth of experience as a result. A large percentage of growth has been due to happy customers who have recommended others to come and speak to us. Southern log cabins have been aware of three main areas of change in the timber and real estate industry over the last 5-10 years;

1) An increase in the number of people looking for better quality wooden buildings in their gardens. In earlier days the Garden Shed was used predominantly for storage of odd tools and gardening equipment and there was no thought of having anything else in the garden. The lifestyle was very different then than it is today. Summer Houses, for example were only for the rich and famous. The Garden Tool shed was a means for purely storage and its appearance was not taken as seriously as it is today. It’s rather ironic, however, that since Victorian days we have always shown great care and interest in looking after our gardens in terms of flowers, vegetables and trees etc. The landscaping of gardens was also looked upon as an important priority. But the Garden shed? That was another story. As time progressed better quality “Sheds” were manufactured from local UK forested timber as importation was somewhat limited compared with today. With the presence of the internet, coupled with EU membership , a whole new world of timber products has been introduced into the UK. For many years there has always been a romanticism attached to the Scandinavian lifestyle of living in a Log Cabin. Now that romance has been able to blossom with the help of much improved European technology and an easier flow of products within the European union.

2) An increase in an ageing population in the UK. With more and more people taking up some sort of retirement. Many of whom even retire early, or, perhaps have taken the choice of early retirement from their previous employment, find themselves with time on their hands to focus on other things for their leisure and pleasure. As a result there is a wide choice of Timber Garden Cabins that they can take advantage of for hobbies, relaxation, or even part time work from home. The demand is continuously increasing as the ageing population continues to grow. Such people today are more discerning and careful with their money and their requirements go far beyond a cheap Garden shed. They want a decent Garden Cabin.

3) The Bricks and Mortar housing market over the last year or so certainly hasn’t seen any evidence of a boom. In fact many house owners wishing to retire by downsizing, with a view of having a bit of a nest egg have had to drop their prices significantly in order to make a sale. As a result many have had to migrate away from the counties that they have been used to. Others have seen the light and merit in investing their money into a residential log cabin that is far less expensive than bricks and mortar, far quicker to build, and more importantly, allows them to drop the price of their existing property quite significantly, knowing that they still retain the nest egg that was originally hoped for.

On this website you will see that Southern Log Cabins have endeavoured to meet the demands and requirements of this definite trend. The process of the most popular types of Log Cabins is that of an interlocking assembly that is used for both Garden and Residential Log Cabins. In terms of comfort, health and economy, good quality insulated Log Cabins most probably outstrip brick and mortar every time. The quality of any building is down to the raw materials and expertise. Southern Log Cabins has successfully sourced the best quality Siberian pine interlocked Garden Log Cabins, renowned to be the best in Europe. The timber used is slow grown and forested when mature, specially kiln dried in modern factory conditions and milled to precision by ultra modern computerised cutting and finishing machinery. The range of Garden Log Cabins that you can choose from is extremely comprehensive that should help you to obtain the right cabin for your garden. Many of the Garden Cabins have a choice of wall thickness and all of them that have wall thickness of 34mm or higher have as standard the highest quality of double glazed doors and windows. With the further option of “Twinskin” double walled Garden Log Cabins providing the facility of additional insulation, garden cabins of this nature are no longer used just in the warm summer months, but can be used throughout the whole year. This brings in a most important application for a Home based Office, for example, that really feels comfortable without having to pay heavy monthly rentals elsewhere. Whatever you need that extra space for, perhaps it’s more room for the children, a hot tub, a sauna, a summerhouse, extra accommodation, a workshop, a garage, a home gymnasium, or just simply a place for you to relax; Southern Log Cabins can provide a log cabin to fit your purpose and your budget. With a little DIY knowledge, The Garden log Cabins, that come complete with plans and instructions are easy to assemble. The first most important structural priority is the foundation. A good foundation that is level with square corners to coincide with the correct perimeter of the finished article, makes for an easy assembly without any problems later on.

Every Garden Log Cabin is made to order to ensure that you receive the assembly kit in absolute pristine condition and with the correct moisture content. You are dealing with a natural product and, as such, care in ensuring the quality of such a purchase is correctly maintained. The time taken to manufacture varies from 4-6 weeks depending upon the complexity of the design of the building. Although we live in an era of instant purchase and instant takeaway, these Log cabins are well worth waiting for and when you do finally receive your kit and you complete the assembly, that Garden Log Cabin will be the pride of you and your family and the envy of others. Southern Log Cabins go further to offer you a complete service that includes the foundation and assembly if you don’t want get involved yourself. Just contact us for a quotation. With free delivery throughout most of the UK, it’s never been easier to own your perfect log cabin. You can see examples of our Log Cabin range at our first show site at Palmers Garden Centre in Yeovil, Somerset, where you will receive expert advice from our trained and experienced advisors. At Southern Log Cabins we pride ourselves in providing quality products and service at affordable prices. Call today and let us help you turn your dream into a reality on 01258 837789 .



Southern Log Cabins

Installation Service
We can offer a complete installation service carried out by our team of experienced installers.
Ten Top Tips
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Doors & Windows
44mm cabins come with high quality double glazed tilt and turn windows with a 5 point locking system for added security.
Superb roofing material in harmony with the landscape enhances the appearance of your new log cabin.
Standard Garden Range
Contemporary light filled garden rooms at affordable prices without compromise!
A classic design. Our number 1 best seller!
Log Cabins TF Range
A truly fabulous range of light and airy log cabins that will fit comfortably into your garden.
Log Cabins Euro Range
A good cross section of beautifully designed cabins to suit most gardens.
Log Cabins Garages
Elegantly designed to give the maximum benefit of space and practicality.
Insulated Larch Offices
Providing an all-weather, all year round working from home facility.
Log Cabins ES Range
Our extra special range, a sophisticated range of garden cabins with a difference.
Summer Houses
Relax in one of our superb summerhouses, enjoy your garden in a little bit of luxury.